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I'm a young, enthusiastic coffee consuming expert freelance website designer & developer at the ready to get started on any web-based projects you throw at me. I'm from Glasgow, Scotland originally but now I'm situated in Perth, Scotland (The heart of Scotland? I'm not sure, I've heard it once or twice). I primarily work for small and large businesses based in Stirling and Perth but I'm open to working for anyone across the UK. I've yet to turn down a project too difficult to work on.

Give me your best shot.

About MeMy Work

Why should you choose me?

Freelancer or an Agency?

Choosing a freelancer to do your website over an agency may have it's perks. The first is cost. I'm confident my going rates will be less than an agencies which should be high on your agenda depending on how serious your budget is. Second is priority. Yes, my workload won't be as high (at least most of the time). This would ensure turnarounds to be much quicker due to the fact I work 24/7, or at least a 9 to 5 doesn't exist to me. Another advantage with me is you have one contact, me. Say goodbye to relying on several contacts and hearing everyone blaming each other if the turnaround has not been met or the design is not to how you wanted it. Finally the last advantage is the not just the cost, but the fixed cost and it's value. You pay me a fixed cost and this will cover everything throughout the stages of completing your website's design & development.

The agencies will quote more and potentially outsource for extra help due to not turning down jobs and their workload could be too high. This is resulting in poor quality web design and paying someone extra who done next to nothing at all. It's sometimes a risk but I can't promise this, however it definitely happens. I often work with businesses around Perth, Stirling, Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh and Aberdeen (Basically all over Scotland). I'm always open to working with clients regardless of your whereabouts.

Website Design

Responsive websites are key in today's world of web design. Everyone is using smart phones or tablets to browse and even purchase products so it's vital to ensure your website is responsive-friendly for your customers.

Internet Marketing

What's a website without marketing? I can supply SEO to ensure traffic coming into your website. It will not just be traffic from anyone, it'll be customers specifically looking to buy products or services that you have on offer.

Client Feedback

Nothing matters more to me than client's feedback. I cannot settle for second best or "It's okay" from a client about their website. I want smiles and hopefully leading to more recommendations to other potential leads.

How I Work

I never beat around the bush with website design. You will receive the flat-fee rate and once the agreement has been met, I will deliver what you requested me to do for you whilst meeting turnaround requirements.

Client Design Requirements

A generic method of speeding the process of finding out the idea of what you wish the website design to look like is by showing me websites you know of and like the look of yourself. It's not perfect, but it's still effective to get a good understanding of what you'd like for a website you'd expect to have at the end. Wireframes are also a common approach to this. I like to make sure the website is tweaked until you leave satisfied, we always get there in the end.

Budget / Quote

Budget or the quote is always the part that ruins all the fun but it's business and it needs to be done and at around a going rate. I simply cannot have prices on my website due to failing to understand what you may wish to have in every specific detail. Website design can be as bespoke as you want it to be, the possibilities are endless. That is why my quotes are as bespoke as the website I'll be building for you. It's a bit similar to a tattoo artist or an architect.

Turnaround Agreement

This will be stated in an invoice, if we ever got to that stage. Turnaround for almost all of my work takes around 3-5 weeks per average job. Although, I've done websites in 2 and some in 8. It's again down to the website's requirements etc. - If we were to look into a huge project then realistically speaking it'd be monthly progress reports as most large projects aren't very common to do and therefore could be unique where a timeframe becomes impossible to determine.


Maintenance is part of the after care service I can provide to any client that hires with me for their website. Maintenance can be looked at regarding website design changes, web development changes or even just general upkeep with the website whether it's eCommerce products whilst you're too busy doing something else or even security check ups each week, it completely varies however I'm here for you. This work would be carried out on a per hour going rate service, but your website will be well looked after.

I build websites that rank

Creative, yet functional.

Good quality web design with a strategy that works. Having your own digital partner to help build your online presence through a creative vision. What you see is what I will build.

Quality is key

Your new website is an investment, choose me if you want to make that dream happen.

I'm always open to a discussion in web design. Bribery with a coffee is always a wise move as it's my weakness, but I'll never give in.

If you're genuine with an idea that I could potentailly help you with, I'm sure I will give you the time of day before you make the right or wrong step


More indepth detail on the website design, development and build services I can provide for you.

Below, is the featured list that I am ready to get started on with you today. Whether it be website design or branding, I will be ready to get on with it. I cater my professional services to anyone globally. There is perks to working on the web, so never hesitate if you're not based around Perth, Stirling or even Scotland, we will work something out. Meeting in person (based outside of Scotland / UK) may not happen unless you wish to cover business class flight costs? (It was worth a try at least, surely?)


From old or new style HTML websites, repsonsive website designs or even just a simple splash page, I have you covered for it.

I issue bespoke, competitive quotes for you once I have generated enough information from yourself. I do not offer "packages" or any kind of deal as this is a professional service and in the long run it's an investment for your business. I can build you the website you are intending to have as an end product overtime as I'm developing it for you. I can accept clients who are quite strict with their intentions of what they aim for, but it will be perfection or almost perfection. In the end, it'll always be developed in time to exactly how you want it to look.

  • Responsive Website Design
  • HTML5 Website Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Single Page Website Design
  • Budget Website Design


Online marketing is the gap in the market your business' website is missing out on. Don't wait around expecting any customers.

Considering a website without a household name is remarkably pointless if it has no marketing. It's vital you make a start on this and develop your business' website before it's too late, or at least knowing you're missing out on customers every single day. If you have no page 1 results for common search queries, or have no PPC advertisement, then the money invested into the website design build may look like money well spent, but it's effectively non existent to thousands and thousands of people who want what you provide.

  • Facebook PPC
  • Google PPC
  • SEO and SEM
  • Rich media banners
  • Content creation
  • Testing


If you're clever with a potentially successful business plan, eCommerce websites return more than enough profit.

The eCommerce website industry is growing rapidly each year due to it's lower monthly expenses for their businesses to run with. I build a custom CMS for every eCommerce website I design and build to ensure it's fit for the client to have access to all the features that they are most interested in to manage from home simply anywhere on the move which is always a plus.

  • Custom CMS
  • Photography
  • Website Design
  • Content creation
  • Technical Requirements
  • Testing
  • Budget eCommerce Website Design
  • Web Security
  • Website After Care


Once a business is marketed, the second visit a customer will rely on is their branding.

If you don't dedicate your business to a brand style and stick to it, then your customers will struggle to dedicate themselves to you. Always be persistent as it's key in all aspects of branding. I can help talk you through your branding process and develop this from the logo, colour schemes, font type for your business cards, flyers etc.

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand immersion & research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Technical requirements
  • Testing

Design Replenishment

When it comes down to being on top of your competitors, it's essential to keep upto date with the newest web design trends.

From the years of experience that I have in the website design and development industry whilst being in Scotland is that I've seen alot of businesses ask me when is the right time to replenish their website as overtime they feel it's becoming more dated and traffic reduces which is affecting profits. My answer? It was around every 3 years I recommend a new website simply due to the fact that website design is evolving rapidly every year.


Having your own personal web designer / web developer on tap surely sounds appealing?

I can cover absolutely anything that you may require on your website even if it's just a simple amendment of content or developing a new booking form for your business, I will be a phone call away to get underway with this for you. My hourly rate will be mentioned and I will offer the invoice for the job upfront. You cannot see me working so I simply cannot offer invoices after the work has been carried out.


You may have your website looking perfect along with a repsonsive design and the branding, but are you constantly updating your social media?

Social media is key to your customers as well as your website alone, it's somewhat an external blog to keep your customers/viewers upto date with what the latest is with what you or the company is doing. You will also have to make sure when the visitor sees your pages, they will potentailly judge you on their first impression so a professional outlook consistently is key.

Responsive Web
Design Conversion

Are you completely satisfied with your website but you're needing responsive website design?

If you are happy with your current website but you know the issue with Google and their lack of interest with websites that are not responsive-friendly exists, talk to me about it. You will see a dramatic drop on your page rankings regardless of your SEO work carried out. In today's world, there's plenty of traffic coming to your website from tablets and mobiles as it is, so why not make them enjoy browsing your website with a nice UX (user-experience) design approach?

Creative Vision is Key
Invest in SEO
Outdo competitors visually

— There's more to just web design —

A Recent SEO Client

Hunter Yacht Deliveries approached me for some SEO and I did not dissapoint. When it comes to Scotland for his industry he completely dominates "Yacht Deliveries Scotland" and "Yacht Delivery Scotland".

"Google" these search queries for yourself

My Process

Client satisfaction is my only priority.

From the drawing board, to coding, to finishing the website, I will show you a small brief summary on how I stage the website projects that come to me on a constant basis.


Once I've got all the answers I need from you, I will do all of my research to make sure I can deliver what it is you require for your website to the best of my ability. The more answers I get and information openly spoke about from yourself, the quicker and more effective your website project will be to complete.


Next step is to plan it all before putting it on paper and officially getting started on it. I like to work out the more suitable method to progress on your project depending on what I've got to do in order to completely finish it, considering all website projects are unique so planning cannot always be carried out in a similar fashion each time.

Design & Development

The fun part, now that the documentation is out of the way. I will use the research from what you require as a foundation of how it may look to my web design savvy perspective and start building it as effectively similar to the requirements as possible. Sometimes a few drafts could go underway depending on how specific your expectation of your website is, never usually more than 2 or 3 website design mockups.


The part which could potentially have a few anti-climax moments due to small bugs needing to fix before it's live and official. This mostly takes the least amount of time to complete and as obvious as it sounds, the most enjoyable if there is very few issues to resolve. If you use IE7 or later then I'm afraid it's time to install a new, updated version since in today's world of website design and browsing, it's key.

This is my generic approach to website design & development, if you had something very bespoke or if you were looking to get some branding done for your business, then of course this method is irrelevent in some cases.

My Stats

Some stats about me in 2016

Website Projects
SEO Clients
Page 1 Search Queries
Average Daily Coffee Intake

My Skills

My Website Design & Development Skills

Below is my key skills in website design, development and SEO. It's genuinely non-biased in any means, I'm qualified, experienced and skilled in what I do. A little personal judging might give you a better understanding to see if the website project you have in-store will suit me nicely. Who knows.

By far the strongest language I know when it comes to website design, no question about it. HTML5 I find is much easier than it's predecessor, HTML 4.01. I've been coding in HTML the longest and it's the least challenging to debug if any issues suffice. Website design needs HTML considering it's hypothetically the skeleton of the website itself.

Next up is CSS3. The word "design" in website design essentially in my eyes is the CSS, the styling. I'd say all versions of CSS and HTML I've mastered the best I possibly could as long as the future of web design doesn't revamp these languages dramatically, then I'm still in a job. I've been doing coding in CSS for around the same timeframe as HTML. They go hand in hand no matter what.

jQuery is my next language of choice that is up there with the knowledge, skill and experience when doing website design. In today's world, jQuery is what in my eyes stands out from competitors. My website has a lot of jQuery purely to show off what I can do but at the same time it's well structured on the website itself and not to mention the code is nice, clean and easy to read. jQuery is the visually interactive areas of this website.

I rate myself the lowest-ish skill out of the available options I've listed. This is due to being a few years behind in experience with PHP when I first started out, but that being said it's my favourite language to write in. A website isn't all that special until you implement a contact form or a booking form system into the website to give users a better experience on the website. PHP covers login systems too, absolutely millions of options available for you to have. PHP is drawn towards development and not web design for anyone who is new to understanding the difference. Website design is what you see, web development is what you can do.

Wordpress originally wasn't made out for website design, development or anything other than blogs. It's a powerful content mangagement system which has grown popular so I made sure I grasped years of experience into this to ensure I can use this for clients who may wish to be assigned to have admin and access certain areas of the website. Websites never really need WordPress unless it's going to be functionality heavy or as said previously, a more novice user will be accessing, so a quick tutorial will be issued and you're on your way. This is very PHP heavy and I've built several hundreds of them over the years.

My SEO experience in length of years is on par with my WordPress experience. Digital marketing is a multi billion dollar industry and it's almost always the second thing on someone's mind when wanting web presence, the website being the first. SEO is more focussed towards Google as opposed to Bing or Yahoo due to it's extremely large slice of the pie chart for competition so more SEO consultants like myself will aim to develop your website to be fully-optimised for Google. We can target your local city searches such as Perth or Stirling, then grow into marketing for Scotland and possibly the UK.

Magento is the best eCommerce platform when doing website design and web development for a client. If your website only has products and a whole load of them, then this is your best bet. If you want a small handful of products on your website and want to really focus on building an all round website, then perhaps Wordpress Woocommerce could be the next option, it's your call, I only design and develop the website for you. If you're unsure about which platform you wish to use for website design and development such as Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal etc. - Then get in touch.



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